Brass Knuckle Harlots

Brass Knuckle Harlots

We might look like a tasty sunday night dessert, but don’t let the tassels fool you. We’re here to whip and whoop.
Now, it’s not a cure for cancer, but Harlot girls like to entertain, provoke and drape themselves in a burlesque
manner. Even though it’s all fun and games (well, and a lil blood) we try to emphasize on female sexual liberation.
The best part? A burlesque body can be skinny or heavy, old or young, and maybe have a different gender than
what you first thought.

Uniform: We wear red and black (sultry, we know) and skate in corset tops. Now, they’re not authentic corsets,
after all we do need to kick some ass on the track and some bending over is neccessary! (pun intended).

More on burlesque

Burlesque is an art form that uses sexuality and aesthetic nudity, with a fairly large amount of humor and satire involved. It emerged in the 1800′s in the United States, mostly as a variety theatre. It is not so much about WHAT you show, but HOW you show it. With that said, it’s definitely a sensual art form, and an art form that uses the body and the expectations of the body as a tool to comment on – or work on – sexuality in different ways. It’s very much an art form to carry political messages.
Today’s burlesque scene is called neo burlesque, and it’s been growing stronger throughout the world over the last decade. It addresses nostalgic, vintage lovers by recreating the glamor of the old-time stage preformances.


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